Project Smith: Weaponsmith crafting prototype

A prototype where you play the role of a weaponsmith, acquiring materials and crafting components to use in various forms of equipment.

Smith inventory and materials Smith crafting window Smith aggregated product


The goal of this prototype was to explore and expand the role of crafting in traditional RPGs by breaking down simple material to product workflows into more detailed and component-driven crafting.

A sword in this system requires not just the base metal material. Instead, a blade would need to be formed from an adequate material, as well as the hilt and optionally a guard and hilt wrapping. Each of these components would need to be crafted from base materials or sub-components of their own.

By the time the crafting results in the finished sword, the final product is the combined aggregate of the sword recipe base stats along with the modifiers from all components utilized in the process.


Crafted items have their own base attributes from the recipe but are modified by the combination of all materials and components used to create them. This allows for more customizable and compelling crafting design.

Materials are split into 3 types - Soft, hard, and fastener. This allows recipes to allow for a large range of combined materials resulting in vastly different attributes. For example: Wood can be used as the base material for a blade - in doing so will result in a much faster but much weaker sword which is not able to cut.

Not Implemented
Receive special requests for products that meet minimum attribute requirements. Successfully completing these commissions result in not just currency but also an increase in fame. Greater fame increases the demand for the weaponsmith’s work and results in higher paying and more elaborate commissions.