Project Meerkat: Procedural Roguelike

A prototype roguelike dungeon crawler featuring fully procedural generated levels.

Meerkat gameplay Meerkat generated level Meerkat trap door to next level down


Project Meerkat is a small endless roguelike focusing primarily on 3d level generation. On load in the player is dropped into a multilevel branching dungeon filled with both treasure chests as well as giant enemies.

Each level of the dungeon contains a single trap door that takes you down to the next level, enabling more chests and more enemies until you eventually are killed.


Procedural level generation

Level generation in Project Meerkat is the largest system. The process involves creating a field of noise values and utilizing the existing pathfinding algorithms in order to create varying branches from the spawn location. Each branch has a chance to increment floor level and add a higher floor to the dungeon level. Once the branches are generated connecting stair locations are identified and instantiated followed by the skinning of the wall/floor/ceilings from a set of prefabs, allowing a level of variance in the textures, models, and positioning of the level.

Sensor and state controlled AI

Enemy AI is placed utilizing procedurally generated patrol paths causing the units to wander through sections of the dungeon floors for the player. Once the AI sights the player in his field of vision he will chase the player - directly in the line of sight and attempt to locate near the area of last known position once the line of sight is lost.