Project ERUV: Spaceship captain prototype

A prototype in which you take command of a spaceship, along with a few other players, which due to the layout and different stations is not easily controlled by a single player.

ERUV Helm ERUV Logistics ERUV Navigation Space station merchant

Ship stations:

LogisticsThe ships power plant and control. All other stations needed power to be diverted to them from this central location.
HelmShip steering and throttle control. Features used to aid in control required various power levels minimums.
EngineeringThe ships engine and amount of thrust power. Additionally responsable for charging and firing warp jumps.
NavigationScanner map and object readout. Objects can be scanned to provide further information such as station docking codes and ship manifest data.
Not Implemented
Station to provide comms with stations and other ships in order to request docking, obtain missions, or demand surrender.
Not Implemented
To provide healing and diagnosis for player all illness and injury
WeaponsCombat targetting and energy weapon/missle control station
Not Implemented
Energy shield and defense control


Unit physics and rendering transitions ownership based on enclosed space. This enables the player on a moving ship/space station to be unaware of the object’s movement and rotation unless looking out a window or viewing outside reference points.

Networking implemented with Unity HLAPI allowing online multiplayer for players to join and control the ship’s systems assisting in running the ship.